quarta-feira, junho 16, 2010

(IN)SECURE Magazine Issue 26 released

(IN)SECURE Magazine is a freely available digital security magazine
discussing some of the hottest information security topics.

Issue 26 has just been released. Download it from:

The covered topics include:

- PCI: Security's lowest common denominator
- Analyzing Flash-based RIA components and discovering vulnerabilities
- Logs: Can we finally tame the beast?
- Launch arbitrary code from Excel in a restricted environment
- Placing the burden on the bot
- Data breach risks and privacy compliance: The expanding role of the IT security professional
- Authenticating Linux users against Microsoft Active Directory
- Hacking under the radar
- Photos: Infosecurity Europe 2010
- Securing the office in your pocket
- iPhone backup, encryption and forensics
- The growing problem of cyber bullying
- Secure collaboration: Managing the inside threat posed by trusted outsiders
- SMS spamming
- A new scalable approach to data tokenization

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