sábado, junho 14, 2008

Core SELinux version R080611 released

An updated public release of SELinux was made available today. Some highlights of this release are listed below:

* New support for permissive domains in libsepol and checkpolicy.
* New support for user and role remapping in libsepol (required for use in optionals).
* Fixed endianness bug in handling network node addresses in libsepol.
* Fixed semanage port to use --proto.
* Updated audit2allow to report dontaudit cases.
* Revised the policy load logic in libselinux to try loading the maximum supported version of the kernel or libsepol.
* Fixed matchpathcon -V support and changed it to report success/failure via exit status.
* Fixed memory leaks in matchpathcon in libselinux.

Fonte: National Security Agency

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