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Arudius is an information assurance (IA) Linux live CD with tools for penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. IA has many other aspects besides network security. However, it seems that the mainstream public identifies informaion assurance primarily with securing network-enabled systems, so we decided to go with the mainstream and call Arudius a tool for information assurance. The CD consists of a Zenwalk Linux base on top of which a large collection of network security testing software (full list) has been installed - including tools listed on Top 75 list plus many other tools listed on Freshmeat, and other information assurance sites around the world.

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Virtual Serial Port Driver

A virtual serial port is a trade term used by certain vendors of COM port redirector software that emulates a serial port (RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485). This port is created by special software products which enable extra serial ports in operation system without additional hardware installation (such as expansion cards, etc.). Unlike the standard physical serial port the virtual one can be assigned any name (COM255, VSP33, etc.) to. It is possible to create unlimited number of virtual serial ports in your PC. The only limitation is the performance capacity of your system, as it may require a substantial amount of resources to emulate say 255 serial ports on slow computers.

Virtual serial port emulates all serial port functionality, including Baud rate, Data bits, Parity bits, Stop bits, etc. Additionally it allows controlling the data flow, emulating all signal lines (DTR/DSR/CTS/RTS/DCD/RI) and customizing pinout (only advanced solutions).

Serial ports emulation can be useful in case there is a lack of available physical serial ports or they do not meet the current requirements. For instance, virtual serial ports can help you share data between several applications from one GPS device connected to serial port. Another option is to communicate with any other serial devices via internet or LAN as if they are locally connected to computer (Serial-over-Ethernet technology). You can establish connection between two computers or applications via emulated null-modem link. Most of the available virtual serial port emulators are compatible with Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 2003, Windows XP and some of them run under Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC.

Virtual serial ports are available as both commercial products and free software.

Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPD) turns serial ports of Tibbo Device Servers into remote COM ports of your PC. VSP Manager is used to create and manage Virtual Serial Ports (VSPs).

w3bfukk0r - scan webservers for hidden directories (forced browsing)

w3bfukk0r is a forced browsing tool, it basically scans webservers (HTTP/HTTPS) for a directory by using HTTP HEAD command and brute force mechanism based on a word list. Features:

* HTTP/HTTPS(SSL) support
* Banner grabbing
* User-Agent faking
* Proxy support (HTTP/S)
* Reports found and non-existend directories

Medusa Parallel Network Login Auditor

Medusa is intended to be a speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer. The goal is to support as many services which allow remote authentication as possible. The author considers following items as some of the key features of this application:

* Thread-based parallel testing. Brute-force testing can be performed against multiple hosts, users or passwords concurrently.
* Flexible user input. Target information (host/user/password) can be specified in a variety of ways. For example, each item can be either a single entry or a file containing multiple entries. Additionally, a combination file format allows the user to refine their target listing.
* Modular design. Each service module exists as an independent .mod file. This means that no modifications are necessary to the core application in order to extend the supported list of services for brute-forcing.

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Beryl is a combined window manager and compositing manager that runs on top of Xgl or AIGLX using OpenGL to provide effects accelerated by a 3D graphics card on the desktop.

What is the difference between compiz and beryl?

* Uses flat file backend instead of gconf meaning almost no gnome dependency.
* Needs "beryl-settings", an application to configure settings instead of gconf-editor.
* Has a lot of extra plugins and enhanced features in other plugins.
* Starts with beryl-manager.
* Has a themeable decorator (emerald).
* Has a theme manager (emerald-themer).
* Changes frequently: new features are added on a daily basis.
* Made by a community right here at, although submissions of extra plugins and enhancements from here to freedesktop would make the compiz better over all.

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Computer Power Supply Calculator

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